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We are a collective of storytellers + creators who like to stand out.
We help brands do the same, in a sea of sameness.

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fashion / beauty & lifestyle

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collective talent


  • 11 years leading digital growth for Fortune 500 and VC-backed clients

  • Drove revenue in $millions for clients.

  • Creative producer and author

  • Standup comedian and classical musician


  • Director, writer, actor + standup comedian

  • Works with global influencers and major brands such as: Pepsi, IKEA, Redmi

  • Grew celebrity Instagram account from 100k to 1.3M


  • Youtuber w/ over 14M views

  • Creative director / producer

  • Global standup comedian. Appeared on CNN, BBC, Fortune, Comedy Central, MTv

  • Serial podcast host and creator


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We're aiming to make a mark in the world of advertising withtruly iconic and memorable work,with the best global talent collective,at a fraction of the cost of traditional agencies.

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